The Navigator

This post is part of Sixth Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon hosted by Silent-ology.

This movie is truly one of my favorites! One of the reasons I love Buster so is for his ability to keep going through any storm and the gentleness he posses through all of it. He truly was beautiful. In this film, my most memorable scene was the scene in which Buster and Betsy are trying to find a safe and dry place to bunk on the ship. After many seeing many scares inside, and managing to drench themselves on deck, they settle in the ship’s dining room at a booth. Buster is perplexed, trying to figure how to find a nice dry spot. He’s been rattling off a few minutes before he looks at Betsy to find she is asleep on his shoulder. He immediately stops talking and rests his head sweetly on hers. Wow, how he knew how to make a heart smile.

If I were Betsy

He was little, but he made me feel safe. Such odd circumstances brought us together. It was hard not to stare at his loveable face and his eyes that could peirce my heart forever. I laid my head upon his shoulder and heaved a happy sigh. He’ll never know how thankful I am for this time.

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My Savior, Jesus, has kept me going my whole life and has kept His promise to always love and keep me. He has given me words to write and I suppose they are all apart of me, therefore all a part of His words in my book. There is never a time I've walked alone. And you don't have to either.

11 thoughts on “The Navigator

  1. “…his ability to keep going through any storm and the gentleness he posses through all of it.” That is a beautiful summation of Buster in this movie, and in his other movies.

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    Buster Binge Week Three: “The Navigator”
    Wow! I feel like I made a full circle with this bog! My first post was on “The Navigator” and here we are again! This movie is one of my favorites, and I often debate whether or not it is above “The Cameraman” for my most beloved Buster film. This movie really marked my first inclination of being a huge Keaton fan, so I will forever hold it dear! Instead of rewriting a whole new post on this beauty, I will revisit my first post which was created for Silentology’s Buster Blogathon.


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