Comfort Movies

Some days, you just need a comfort movie and a warm blanket.

Recently Silentology posted her list of five comfort movies and welcomed any more lists to “spread the comfort”, and indeed we are in need of good movies right now! Be sure to check her list out here:

And I hope you enjoy my cinema chicken noodle soup!

First on my list is “Limelight” which is a story of a washed up stage comedian (Charlie Chaplin) who finds true love late in life and where he least expects it. This is a story of loyalty and acceptance of life in every stage. It is a true beauty of a film and ends with perfection! Prepare to laugh, sing, smile, and cry a little!

Second is “City Lights” in which The Little Tramp falls for a blind flower girl who cannot afford a procedure to restore her vision. Charlie finds work wherever he can in efforts to raise the money for the girl he loves, meanwhile the girl unknowingly, assumes he is a millionaire. There are lots of laughs that make movie worthwhile, but the end may be one of the most beautiful finales I have ever seen, and in my opinion, makes the whole movie.

Third is “The Navigator”. This movie revolves around the misadventures of a wealthy boy and girl set adrift on a boat. They must learn to do the unnatural, take care of themselves, while finding a “normal” life on board. This movie is full of hilarity and is sure to bring a grin to any face!

Fourth is “East of Eden”. In this move we watch the tragic happenings of a young boy who is thought to be utterly bad by his upright dad and brother, try to prove himself worthy of appreciation. James Dean evokes chills as young Cal as he works for unattainable love and finds his true image through trauma. It should definitely be on anyone’s watch list!

Fifth and last on the list is “One Night in the Tropics”. This is an all around comedy with the main theme being love insurance. Yes, love insurance. One pal, Lucky, an insurance salesman, bets his pal, Steve that Steve will marry Cynthia, his fiance, or be paid off with insurance. Mayhem ensues as Lucky and Steve chase Cynthia to the Tropics. Meanwhile, Abbott and Costello are hired to keep an old crush from finding Steve. It’s fun all the way through!

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My Savior, Jesus, has kept me going my whole life and has kept His promise to always love and keep me. He has given me words to write and I suppose they are all apart of me, therefore all a part of His words in my book. There is never a time I've walked alone. And you don't have to either.

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