When Listening to Spotify

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share with you my Spotify playlists just in case you’re ever itching for some oldies or something new. My playlist range from beautiful worship music, to doo wop, rap, and film music. So head on over the next time you need a tune! And yes, I love “The Little Prince”Continue reading “When Listening to Spotify”

My Favorite Guys as Tots

Today I found a picture of a young Glenn Ford which inspired me to do a post on my favorite classic dudes as children. Now, this time I will not do the whole list of my favorite actors, just the ones who are close to my heart 🙂 . I hope you enjoy this asContinue reading “My Favorite Guys as Tots”

Buster V.S. Charlie on IMDb

Now we all know, Buster and Charlie were really friends, but what’s a little competition between pals? All right Chaplin fans, we all love you guys, but Damfinos, it’s time to hit the polls! Vote for Buster and all your wildest dreams will come true! VOTE HERE: https://www.imdb.com/poll/UxFmRAzvYgo/?ref_=nm_po_q2

Just Another Reason…To Love Buster Keaton

Here is the sweetest post any Keaton-Chaplin enthusiast could hope to find! Many Thanks to Leah who posted this today on her blog Silentology! “My Friend Charlie”–A 1952 Buster Keaton Interview — Silent-ology Here’s an interesting piece I’ve been wanting to share! It’s from a book called The Legend of Charlie Chaplin, compiled by PeterContinue reading “Just Another Reason…To Love Buster Keaton”

Finding New, Old Talent

Awhile ago, I posted a list of my favorite actors, a rather long list ;). This long list just keeps growing now! As I watch more and more movies, I discover more and more talented guys, so bear with me, my list is always in progress! Do you agree with my list? Who’s your favoriteContinue reading “Finding New, Old Talent”

Them There Eyes

Has anyone else heard the song, “Them There Eyes” by Billie Holiday? I hope you have, because it’s a goody! Anyway, we all know that the cutest set of eyes belonged to none other than Buster Keaton, but which of these Old Hollywood heart-throbs has your favorite pair of peepers?

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