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Buster Binge Week Four: “The Battling Butler”

Aaannnddd…. Round Two, a day later than expected ;p. Now I will be reviewing “The Battling Butler” and “The Balloonatic”! Why “The Balloonatic”? Well… have you ever noticed the similarities between the beginning of Battling Butler and the plot of the “Balloonatic”? I found the overall mood of the beginning of the movie and theContinue reading “Buster Binge Week Four: “The Battling Butler””

Buster Binge Day Three: “Our Hospitality”

Okay, I am in my fuzzy socks and cuddled with my James Dean blanket, and I am ready to Buster Binge! Today, rather tonight since it’s eleven o’ clock, I will be watching “Our Hospitality” for the first time through. I know, but the first time I attempted to watch it, It was close toContinue reading “Buster Binge Day Three: “Our Hospitality””

Buster Binge Day One: “OneWeek”

Okay, Damfinos! The International Buster Keaton Society posted the schedule for the Buster Binge and said we would all comment about our views of his movies on social media. However, I am a weirdo, and I do not have social media, so I will write my thoughts here!😊 Tonight I watched “One Week” again andContinue reading “Buster Binge Day One: “OneWeek””