Announcing the Title

After much thought, hard thought I might add given such wonderful suggestions, I have finally chosen a title for my pastel sketch above! And now without further adieu… Thank you all for such fun contributions! This was quite the challenging decision, but “If You Teach a Keaton to Fish” he will probably fish all day,Continue reading “Announcing the Title”

The Keaton Chronicle

The Lord knew I needed a happy boost today, because I was just given a lovely surprise in the latest Keaton Chronicle! Thank you so much to all the editors! My sweet Father used you to make my day! Incidentally, if any of you have title ideas for this sketch I’m all ears! I neverContinue reading “The Keaton Chronicle”

A Wonderful Surprise!

A couple of days ago, the Damfinos posted the latest Keaton Chronicle. I was scrolling through the pages when all of a sudden I saw a familiar sight. I passed right on by it without a thought at first and then realized, “Hey! That’s my painting!!!” I had sent the Damfinos my art many times,Continue reading “A Wonderful Surprise!”

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