When Listening to Spotify

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share with you my Spotify playlists just in case you’re ever itching for some oldies or something new. My playlist range from beautiful worship music, to doo wop, rap, and film music. So head on over the next time you need a tune! And yes, I love “The Little Prince”Continue reading “When Listening to Spotify”

Musical Tributes to Buster Keaton

A little ways back, I posted a post of musical tributes to classic actors, (see below) https://thethoughtsofonetrulyloved.wordpress.com/?p=710 This list kept growing and growing and I found that most of the videos were dedicated to Buster Keaton (such a shock for me!). This inspired me to just make of post of only these tributes and keepContinue reading “Musical Tributes to Buster Keaton”

To My One and Only

Today I listened to Needtobreathe’s new release, “Who Am I”. This song is beautiful, and although it is a love song, it hit my heart so hard, because it is the story of my journey with my Beloved Savoir. He has truly been my Only Constant. He saved my physical life countless times and haveContinue reading “To My One and Only”


Okay, Damfinos and other Buster Keaton fans… I love Buster! He’s my favorite actor, but now knowing that He and Chaplin were not enemies, but we’re actually fond of each other makes me feel okay to give credit where credit is due and write this post. 😀 Charlie was, let’s face it, amazingly talented. HeContinue reading “SMILE”

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