Sweet Sleepy Classics to Snooze To

Have you ever laid in your bed at night unable to fall asleep while your mind races from to and fro and fro and to relentlessly? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Maybe I should watch a nice classic movie to lull myself into slumber.” Well, maybe you haven’t had that thought, but you shouldContinue reading “Sweet Sleepy Classics to Snooze To”

What can be Found in “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore”

I stumbled on this short film a while ago. I felt as if God brought it to me to brighten a rather dim time in my life. When I first viewed this film I was very sick with the flu and was in great need of cheer. I had heard tale of an animated BusterContinue reading “What can be Found in “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore””

Just Another Reason…To Love Buster Keaton

Here is the sweetest post any Keaton-Chaplin enthusiast could hope to find! Many Thanks to Leah who posted this today on her blog Silentology! “My Friend Charlie”–A 1952 Buster Keaton Interview — Silent-ology Here’s an interesting piece I’ve been wanting to share! It’s from a book called The Legend of Charlie Chaplin, compiled by PeterContinue reading “Just Another Reason…To Love Buster Keaton”

To My One and Only

Today I listened to Needtobreathe’s new release, “Who Am I”. This song is beautiful, and although it is a love song, it hit my heart so hard, because it is the story of my journey with my Beloved Savoir. He has truly been my Only Constant. He saved my physical life countless times and haveContinue reading “To My One and Only”

For IMDb Users

Hello, all! Recently, while doing some research on IDMb, I found user polls titled, “Most Deserving Honorary Oscar” and “Biopics of the Greatest Male Stars”. Our favorite fellow is featured in both as a contender! So, if you find time head on over to the site and vote for Buster Keaton! https://www.imdb.com/poll/jMEK_V5_ZsM/?ref_=nm_po_q4 https://www.imdb.com/poll/hx_QELPdArA/?ref_=nm_po_i1

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