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The Circus

This post is part of the Silent Movie Day Blogathon Hosted by Silentology

When you think of Charlie Chaplin do you think of a comedian? When you talk of The Circus do you call it a comedy? Most probably do, and those are correct descriptions of the man and his film. Yet, when I think of Chaplin, I think of a great writer, a poet. And The Circus, I consider a drama. Despite all the hilarious scenes in this movie, the scene that I always remember is the ending.

There is something so captivating about it. The symbolism here is so rich; it’s the old saying of if you truly love something, let it go. Charlie loved the dancer so much more than himself. He proved it when he encouraged her to continue on in her new romance though it would break his heart. The caravan drove away. The little man watched as the circus disappeared slowly from view, leaving him in its wake. He looked around to see if the whirlwind had left something, anything behind. All that seemed to remain was a crate on which the tramp could sit. So he waddled over, sank down and placed his gaze on the ground. Then he saw it, a piece of fabric, a shred with a lonely star on it. He picked it up. To fondly embrace it? No. Just to look it over. A sigh of acceptance fell from his lips and swiftly lifted and dropped his shoulders. He took the paper and formed it spherically, with care. Then, standing up, he gave it a toss and a quick kick goodbye. We see him walk away throwing up his heels behind himself to shake the very dust or memories off.

Seasons change and with them people and relationships. And life, it can pick you up like a circus in a whirlwind. There is something about whirlwinds though, they grab you, turn you around and then throw you down, but once you land, you must keep walking. Walk on. Walk forward. Going back is pointless, the past and it’s persons move on as the dancer and the circus did, and they will not usually remain where you left them. And if you shall veer to the sides there are only distractions and rubble left from the winds, like the final haunting memories Charlie saw. Forward, keep walking forward. You are now a different person. You have survived and thrived in your own personal circus. You may have been laughed at or mistreated, but now is the time to heal and escape the three rings. These whirlwinds are a part of life, they make, shake, and break you, but they are still for your good. God promises to work all things for your good and He will use all that you have been through to make you stronger and build your character. He will restore what time has stolen from you and the love that you have lost is just a speck compared to His love He wants to fill you with. Mysterious fellows like Chaplin are not built in a day. They are built through pain and God’s faithfulness as we walk on from it. Keep walking forward, God’s goodness for you lies ahead.


Published by TheRose

My Savior, Jesus, has kept me going my whole life and has kept His promise to always love and keep me. He has given me words to write and I suppose they are all apart of me, therefore all a part of His words in my book. There is never a time I've walked alone. And you don't have to either.

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